Places To Take Mom In Thousand Oaks

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. As a fitting tribute to the person who gave you life and cared for you, give your mom a special treat on this wonderful day. Apart from pampering your mom with a beauty treatment and spa massage, you can bring her to a fine restaurant and billet her in a luxurious boutique hotel.

There are many places to take mom in Thousand Oaks that she will truly love. Among them is a Mother’s Day Brunch on the 11th of May that will kick off at 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. The brunch includes champagne and a sumptuous dinner from the West Lake Village Inn. Visitors of Thousand Oaks find this place a great venue for relaxation and unwinding.

To complete the Mother’s Day celebration, let your mom stay comfortably for a night in the hotel’s cozy room and let her feel that she truly deserves the special attention and love from her family on this special day.