Procedures in Obtaining a Green Card

A Green Card or formally known as the United States Permanent Resident Card, is an identification card attesting permanent residency status for an alien in the United States. It’s the first step towards becoming a naturalized citizen. The U.S immigration laws clearly states the various green card requirements. However, you should know that only limited number is given each year. As you could take the time to apply for yourself, the complex application process and checking for open slots in many cases are best handled by immigration law specialists like the

It is never easy to obtain a green card. Should you wish to be a permanent citizen in the US support from a US citizen is the best way to acquire a green card. Two of the most common and quickest method of getting a green card for you is by Employment-based and Family-based eligibility.

Employment-based Green Cards

A Labor certification is provided by U.S Department of Labor for an employment that has to be recognized by an American Business to be a career that will not trigger any bad effects to employed U.S workers. U.S.Immigration law have built in protection for American labor, so application for the certificate requires specific measures for the American business , or the employer offering the foreign worker the position.

Only when these requirements are achieved and it is identified that the job will not alter the existing American Labor will the certificate issued for the employment of a foreign worker, but certain conditions and exemptions can be found in some cases. Following receipt of the certificate will the foreign worker be qualified to apply for or as a change to an immigrant work visa.

Employment-based Green Cards have a preference list, with first preference for employees of amazing capacity and management employees of multinational firms, with next preference for those with advanced degrees and those whole skills help with the US National Interest. Third preference for persons qualified to work in shortage jobs.

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